Return to the world first


Cog returned to the world first

In December 10th, Chinese chess player Jie Jie lost the first throne eight days later. He defeated Pu Tinghuan at the Chi Ying conference to win the battle. Now he ranked first in the 3629 point counter super match, and the South Korean champion Pu Tinghuan dropped to second with 3628 points.

  • Kija cannot bear the world's first title of devolution, final results did not fail kija ambition.
  • Kje triumph over his opponent without a suspense, and then the next city.
  • The intellectual elite competition will compete for the third round of the men and women in the game of weiqi.

Before the opening of the competition, many people were surprised and doubtful of kje's attendance. After all, at the same time in the intellectual elite race, there is a line war of a well-known network platform, and the bonus is higher. In fact, the reason is very simple, kija cannot bear the world's first title of devolution, final results did not fail kija ambition.

American team player Jiang Mingjiu

All said that people were happy and happy. Kje, who successfully staged the "return of the king", was still strong in the second round of the second day Weiqi team match. Facing the American team player Jiang Mingjiu, he was relaxed. Even when he was waiting for his opponent to think about it, he ran to the next door to see other people's playing. In the end, kje triumph over his opponent without a suspense, and then the next city.


In December 10th 2017, the international intellectual movement alliance intelligence games projects go first round in Jiangsu New Century Grand Hotel Huaian cruised Chinese team and Korea team first round draw the strongest collision together, after a fierce battle, kija beat just boarded the world points list first only 9 points ahead of the Pu Tinghuan game. After between kija and park Tinghuan gap will be very small, even the first throne may again translocation. And just to get the Samsung Cup runner up Tang Weixing lost to Zhenxu, Chinese and South Korea tied at 1-1. The second round of the match will continue in Huaian on the 11 day at 12:30.

Kje VS Pu Tinghuan

After first guess, Pu Tinghuan zhihei first. The layout of kija is very positive, black kakari off first hang actively combat. To black 25 is the layout that AlphaGo likes. When white 28 flew, Pu Tinghuan's 29 long head lured Ke Jie to break up, and Ke Jie Hao didn't be afraid to decisively divide the battle. After that, the two black and white two dragons were entangled together. 47 suspected black hand, in 48 small tip for the actual combat, white was small white and black worms become completely quicker, unstable factors need to fear. The layout of Pu Tinghuan failed.


Boy suffering from a strange disease

The world's largest, Nothing is too strange. Micah Gabriel Mason Lopez, a 2 year old boy from Canada, is suffering from severe food protein induced enterocolitis syndrome. He will suffer severe anaphylaxis after eating most of the food, so he can only rely on fresh organic peach to maintain life.

Manhattan explosion

On December 12, according to foreign media reports, the morning of the morning of 11 local time, the New York Manhattan Port Authority bus terminal explosion, resulting in a suspect, including at least 4 people were injured, the suspect was arrested for detonating a soil bomb.

Post-90s girls resign to move bricks

Recently, a "brother accident skull fracture, sister resigned to move bricks to save brother" news, caused people's attention. And the hero of this story, Qin Yu bottle, tells us a story about the unyielding and warm love of life...

The woman walking broke false chest

Earlier this month, after two days of trial, the jury found the Santiago municipal government to move Santiago mayor Roger Hech Kirk's wife Cynthia for about $85000.

Recovery of train tickets in advance

China Railway Customer Service Center 12306 website announcement said, the National Railway new operation map compilation work has been completed. Since December 12th, the main line passenger train ticket Internet and telephone booking booking period has been resumed for 30 days.

Most lucrative airport in 2016

Capital airport is ranked 16 in the world; Shanghai airport is ranked 26 in the stock market and 31 in Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. 63 Shenzhen airport and 90 Xiamen airport. Hongkong airport sixth, Taiwan Taoyuan Airport 48. Japanese Narita seventh, Yutian ninth, Kansai 12; Inchon, South Korea eighth; Singapore Singapore Airport eleventh. Heathrow Airport Co., ranked second, 23 Manchester, 30 France Charles De Gaulle Airport Gatwick; third; Frankfurt Main Airport fourth, Munich 14 Germany; Holland Amsterdam 13. New York New Jersey fifth; Losangeles 19; Chicago 22; Miami 32; San Francisco 34; Washington 38; Dallas Fort Worth 41; Denver 42; Massachusetts (Boston) 49; Las Vegas 52; Atlanta 58; Houston 57; Orlando 60, Seattle 61; Detroit 71; Hawaii 74; Philadelphia 77; Minneapolis 78; Phoenix, 79; Baltimore 80.

Conan will take a long time off

Conan will be taken for a long time, according to foreign media reports, the detective Ke series works will start to take a long time to take off! Gosho Aoyama said, "Hello, everybody, I'm Gosho Aoyama!" From the beginning of the next period, because the recuperate and charging Conan into long-term suspends.

The couple quarrel money Street

There are couple quarrel broke things, but you've seen a couple quarrel money street? It is with money there?

1980 of his coming from the future

1980 of him from the future online reading, 1980 from the future content introduction: a dusty history, a never decipher file.

1920x1080 high definition wallpaper

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In 1980, the calendar year of the Gregorian calendar was 366 days and 53 weeks. Lunar calendar in Shanghai (monkey), no leap, a total of 355 days.

  • Memorabilia
  • traditional festival
  • Sports competition
  • Born celebrities
  • Dead celebrities

Deng Xiaoping pointed out in the CPPCC National Committee held a New Year reception: 80s is a very important time, we have made remarkable achievements in the past 10 years, in order to ensure the realization of the four modernizations by the end of this century. In the construction of socialist modernization, we must have a political situation of stability and unity, and to achieve stability and unity, we must ensure the leadership of the party. The leadership of the party is a fundamental one in the four basic principles.

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